Welcome to the REEA

The Real Estate Employers’ Association has been fighting for the rights of real estate employers since 1974. 

We exist to help real estate employers and business owners with all industrial relations and staff engagement issues.

Do you know?

If an industrial inspector or union official walks into your property, are you aware of your employee’s rights and responsibilities, or yours?

If a job applicant you did not hire accuses you of discrimination, do you know about the impact of the Privacy Legislation on this matter? And do you know how to handle a complaint through the Anti-Discrimination Commission?

If an employee complains to you about sexual harassment, do you know what you must do in that regard?

If the taxation office or an industrial tribunal rules your "contractors" are employees, do you know how to determine if someone is an employee or a bona-fide contractor?

Let us help you avoid these common pitfalls and more.

Why join the REEA? 

  • Free support and advice on industrial matters
  • Free regular updates on issues like changes to awards and legislation
  • Free HR management through enableHR, valued at $540.00 a year.


And more.  Contact us for more information or complete a membership application now.

“I cannot recommend joining the REEA highly enough. Their professional advice and up-to-date knowledge has been invaluable to me since the inception of my own company and beyond.” - Amber Werchon, Principal, Amber Werchon Property 

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