REEA Membership

REEA is a non-profit organisation.  We exist to serve you.

The bigger and stronger our membership base the better we can do this.

Your $440 (+$40.00 GST) annual membership fee goes toward funding our involvement in industrial disputes, REEA representation in industrial tribunals, members' free access to enableHR people management service; and full-time day to day availability for members by phone, email or in person. 

Membership benefits

Free telephone advice

  • On industrial relations issues, including interpretation of awards and industrial legislation
  • Staff engagement and dismissal procedures
  • And any employment issues or questions you have.

Free regular updates

  • On industrial matters including changes to awards and legislation.

Free access

  • To industrial awards – the Real Estate Industry Award and the Clerks - Private Sector Award
  • Wage rates and National Employment Standards

Free HR management

REEA members receive exclusive access to a range of best practice HR and WHS processes, tools, advice and record management using legally backed content through industry leading HR company enableHR.

  • Access to the Real Estate Industry Award, the Clerks - Private Sector Award, and FAQs
  • National Employment Standards and Queensland (transitional) wage rates
  • Electronic employee and candidate files to assist in meeting your record keeping obligations
  • Fair Work Act-compliant employment contracts, letters, forms and guides
  • Valued at $540.00 a year.


Contact us for more information or complete a membership application now.

Application for REEA Membership & Tax Invoice
Personal Name of Applicant
(e.g. Bob Jones)
Trading Name of Applicant's Business
(e.g. ABC Real Estate)
Company/Legal Entity Name
(e.g. ABC Pty Ltd)

The above entity hereby makes application for membership of the Queensland Real Estate Industrial Organisation of Employers, and agrees to be bound by its Constitution and rules.  In support of this application I declare that:

       The entity in whose name this application is made is engaged in or employing persons as a:


If 'Allied Industry' was selected (above), please specify the Allied Industry

Signature (please type your name in full)
Position Held
(State whether Principal/Director/Partner/Manager)

The annual membership fee of $440.00 is for the period from 1 July to 30 June in the following year.

[The above fee includes $40.00 GST.]

Cheques should be made payable to QREIOE and sent to:

      The Secretary/Treasurer
      PO Box 1337
      OXLEY  QLD  4075

For enquiries please call Bruce Siebenhausen (M: 0411 208 794).

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